A very big WELCOME to my website.

My name is Nathalie Andreasson, I was born in the Netherlands, met the love of my life (whom happens to be Swedish) in Spain and after living there, and in the Netherlands for a few years, we moved eventually to Sweden. We live in Värmdö close to Stockholm. Together we became the very happy parents of 4 absolute wonder-works; two girls and two boys.

My passion is creating colorful, happy paintings and furniture.


My idea is that we are living in a beautiful world which besides all her prettiness unfortunately also creates fears, worries, insecurity and sadness. There are so many people that are fighting against depressions and burnouts because of that. I am of course not saying that I can cure that : ) but i have this burning sensation that i want to create happiness and cheerfulness for all people of all ages. Making even the grey days sunny : )

It's all in the DETAILS...

You can order any painting I made. It can be printed on canvas or paper and in any size. Framed with or without a passe-partout.

If you are curious about prices, making an order or if there is anything else you have a question about, please send an email to or just simply fill in the contact-form (here on my website).

I also make paintings on request so if you have a certain favorite city please don't hesitate to contact me.

Wishing you a lot of cheerfulness and happiness in your life,